Plinko class project that I build in 2019. WebGL preview is currently unoptimized. I recoomend downloading the source code for the full experience.

Currently has 3 levels. Try to consistently get a highscore in order continue your point streak.

Current Feature List:

  • 3 Playable Levels.
  • Popular songs used in soundtrack as placeholders for future music.
  • Taunting crows.


  • Click within the start zone to drop your tumbleweed.
  • Tap the Left/Right arrow keys will slightly alter the trajectory. 

Some models used from the Unity asset store. 

In the process of working on a mobile port of the game to put onto the Google Play store.


Dust Bowl Plinko Playable HD 29 MB
Dust Bowl Plinko v2 460 MB

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